The Gallery Project is situated within the Revelstoke Room just next door to the Village Hall in Noss Mayo. The light, spacious interior provides a contemporary space to showcase art and craft from South Devon. We are open Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 5pm from Easter until the end of September.

An ever changing collection of art work from local artists is displayed alongside jewellery, ceramics, glassworks and hand crafted gifts. Here at The Gallery Project we delight in handmade and are aware of the processes and time it takes to create these lovely things. By buying handmade products from local makers rather than factory made items, often produced overseas we can help our environment, support our local community as well as invest in a beautiful, unique object.

We are always interested in potential new artists and makers that could be an exciting addition to our gallery. If you would like to place your work with us, pop in or send an email.